Mark T. Barisa, PhD, ABPP-CN

Dr. Barisa is a licensed psychologist and board-certified clinical neuropsychologist with over 25 years of experience working in a wide variety of clinical settings. After receiving his doctorate in counseling psychology from the University of Memphis, he completed an internship and postdoctoral residency at the VA Medical Center in Little Rock with specific training in neuropsychology, health psychology, and geriatrics. Since that time, he has worked in a variety of clinical settings maintaining a focus in clinical neuropsychology, rehabilitation psychology, health psychology, and sports psychology.

Dr. Barisa provides general clinical neuropsychology, health psychology, rehabilitation psychology, and sports psychology services for patients ranging from ages 8 to geriatric populations. He works with a wide variety of medical diagnostic groups including, but not limited to, traumatic brain injury; concussion; stroke; multiple sclerosis; brain tumors; migraine and other headaches; seizures; dementia and memory disorders of aging; and other neurologic based conditions. He also regularly provides health psychology assessments and interventions, including pre-surgical evaluations for spinal surgery, bariatric surgery, or other conditions; pain management assessment and psychological support; cognitive rehabilitation; and supportive health/rehabilitation psychology interventions to assist in adjustment and coping to health/medical related problems. While he has worked with a variety of diagnostic groups, he has also maintained a strong focus in the area of mild traumatic brain injury and concussion. He has provided direct concussion consultation for professional, college, high school, international soccer events, and local youth athletes and sports organization for several years.

Sports Neuropsychology Activities

From a professional team standpoint, Dr. Barisa has served on the medical staff of several teams in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, including FC Dallas (MLS Soccer 2011 – present), Allen Americans (ECHL Hockey – 2014 – present), Frisco Fighters (Indoor Football League 2021 - present), Dallas Wings (WNBA Basketball – 2016 – 2017), and Texas Revolution (IFL Football – 2014 – 2016). As a member of the medical staff for these teams, Dr. Barisa provides a sideline-to-return model of concussion management being available at each game to assist in initial assessment of possible injuries; providing regular assessment, monitoring, and assistance during the recovery phase of the injury; and being available as the athletes complete the return to play protocols and eventual return to competition. As part of his work, he also provides sports psychology intervention services related to non-concussion injuries, performance related concerns, retirement from sports planning/decision-making, evaluation of possible long-term difficulties related to prior concussions, or general stress and coping issues.

Through his work with high schools, middle schools, and youth organizations in the DFW area, Dr. Barisa has been able to expand this sideline-to-return model of concussion management to the youth of our communities. This included the development of, or assistance in the development of concussion protocols/guidelines for several youth sports organizations and tournaments (e.g., Frisco Independent School District, Lake Highlands Girls Classic League Soccer, Frisco Football League, Dallas Cup International Soccer Tournament, Dallas Stars Elite Youth Hockey, and others). As part of his work with these organizations, he has provided on-site consultation working with the athletic trainers assigned to various tournaments. For others, he has served as an on-call consultant available to see athletes in rapid fashion to assist in initial differential diagnosis and acute management needs. Dr. Barisa also works regularly to help coordinate efforts to increase concussion education, awareness, and baseline testing to these and other youth sports groups. He has provided hundreds of concussion education presentations to athletic training groups, medical and therapy providers, youth sports organizations, coaches and parents, athletes, schools, community events, and others throughout the DFW metroplex for more than 10 years. He is committed to providing an evidence-based, rational approach to concussion education, and is available for concussion education services to groups of any size.

In addition to these larger collaborative efforts, Dr. Barisa continues his work as a sports neuropsychologist and sports psychologist working with individual patients and smaller sports organizations providing clinical care, community educational outreach, concussion protocol development, and on-site coverage when feasible. This includes formal and informal collaborative relationships with colleges and universities in the area for individual athlete consultation. Lastly, as part of his work, Dr. Barisa regularly sees retired professional athletes for clinical consultation, as well as assessments related to medico-legal activities.

Research, Publications, and Teaching

Dr. Barisa maintains an active role in research and is an accomplished presenter and speaker making numerous invited addresses at local, national and international conferences covering a wide array of topics including neuropsychology, rehabilitation psychology, sports neuropsychology, and the business aspects of psychological practice. He has numerous professional publications, is author of the book The Business of Neuropsychology: A Practical Guide, and served as co-editor of the book Neuropsychological Rehabilitation. He has several other books, book chapters, and other papers in progress. His research and writing interests are notably divers, including collaborative publications involving professional issues associated with neuropsychological practice, functional correlates of neuropsychological data, concussion evaluation and management, return to work issues following injury/illness, and business and policy aspects of healthcare. He is particularly fond of providing education and support to community groups emphasizing a rational approach to concussion assessment and management, as well as presentations focused on the business aspects of healthcare provision.